Public interaction and responses

Not all of my dolls were moved, but I did receive interaction from two of the dolls, both on two occasions.


For the first movement, the doll was taken to a bus stop. This was the doll which I had left in Accrington.


Later that day the same doll was taken to Great Harwood.

The doll which I left in Barrowford was also moved.


First it was taken to the cemetery, then it was moved again, the next day.


Receiving interactions from people is a great feeling, as I know that I have created a random and unexpected moment of happiness for them. It adds a bit of excitement to what may have been a commute, a family walk, a walk to the shop or whatever.

With the 6 dolls I have left to display at exhibition, I hope to extend the project and allow for visitors at the exhibition to take the dolls further afield in order to expand the project and viewers. Hopefully, one of my dolls will reach another country.