Creating a book of my work

I’ve decided to make a book for the exhibition, as a way of containing and displaying my work in one place. As my work is an on going project, which is life and requires the participation of the public, I feel that a book is a perfect way to display it, as it is quite a narrative project. vistaprices

I chose to go with the VistaPrint website – as a friend of mine reccomended their service to me, and showed me a book which he had made by them, which I felt suited the style of how I wished for mine to turn out.

making of the book.png

I began to create the pages, taking inspiration from Mathew Sawyers displays of his documentation work:

accy page

Within the book I will explain the aims of my project briefly, and will document the movement of the dolls. I will include little dialogue as I wish for the project to be open for interpretation and opinion of the public.


I sketched out the layout plans for my book as I went along, in order to make sure that I included the most interesting combination of images. I also used the ‘auto adjust’ brightness/contrast setting on Photoshop for each image, to ensure that the doll stood out from the background which it was placed.



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