Preparing for exhibition 19/05/2016

a0 printa0 print2

After editing all of my images which I had allocated to print of as A3 images for my exhibition, I layed them our on a photoshop format, in order too print them as two A0 sheets. It was suggested that I do so, in order to make the process of mounting the images more efficient, as I could do them in two goes. I also layed the QR codes on  the sheets, as I wanted them printing for display.

After printing the sheets in size A0, I mounted them onto foam board. I chose to use the foam board to display the images, as I felt that if I was to frame them it would appear too cluttered and bulky, with there being so many images. After mounting the images onto foam board, I cropped them down to an equal size.


I then layed the images out in the order which I had originally decided on. I asked for the opinions of others, to which many replied that it seemed too organised. This made me realise that this was not in keeping with the nature of the project. The project explores free movement and travel, where as this appeared anal and robotic.

When asking peers for advice, I was also questioned as to whether or not I was allowing for the dolls to be taken on the night of the exhibition. This idea was great. As I will be able to meet the people at the exhibition, and as due to their presence there they must also show an interest in the work, it is more likely that they will communicate more enthusiastically. If I was to suggest that the person taking the doll takes it to the furthest possible location, it could possibly become an international network of travelling dolls! If the dolls were to be organised neatly on the wall, the visitors would be less likely to feel at ease with removing and taking the dolls. If they were layed out in a more free manor, the visitors would feel more obliged to take a doll, and less guilty about ruining the order.

Therefore, I looked at other ways which I could organise the dolls:


I chose to experiment further with the idea of placing the dolls on plinths, as I felt that this will create a space for which the viewers are forced to engage with them, by moving around them.


Cluttered onto one large plinth, or sat back to back on two.


By organising the dolls on two plinths, and placing them around 2 metres apart, I was creating a space which visitors would engage with and walk around, allowing them to observe different details of the dolls. A class member commented that having them sat back to back created a surreal atmosphere, as it was as though the dolls were watching you, not matter what point of the room you are at, as they stare in every direction. I felt that having the dolls sat in two clusters facing the audience also added personification and made them seem more engaging, than having them piled up in one.

13275392_10154395012019893_1431593455_o (1)

I requested that I have two wall spaces, which are parallel to one another. This way, I can use the space in between to present the plinths of dolls. This will make the display more interactive, as it will encourage the viewers to walk from one side of the room to the other, and around the dolls.



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