Editing the map and creating the pins

I planned on including a map in my exhibition display in order to pinpoint the destinations in which I had left my doll.

I bought an ordinance survey which displayed my home town (Burnley), Blackburn, and the surrounding areas.

My plan was to use colourful pins which were in correspondence to the QR codes which I had made for each doll. After practicing pin pointing the areas, I realised that due to the different colour running through the map, you were not able to see the pins clearly, unless you closely studied the map. P1020893P1020894P1020895P1020896black n white

black n whitecropped.jpg

Above is the final edit which I wish to use in the final exhibition along side the QR codes.

I changed the image to black and white on Photoshop, and then increased the level of contrast, to make the lines of the map more vivid. I will print the map in A1/A0 and pin point the destinations on the map, using colours which correspond with the QR codes.

I painted and matched the pins up for each QR code, to make the process more easy and understandable for the viewers to match each one up to its destination.


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