Interactive Map

After researching the QR codes, I brainstormed how I could present these to the viewers, in order to create an interactive space at the exhibition. With my project, I hope to engage the audience, get them talking, and allow for them to feel involved with the process.


I decided that for the viewers to be able to discover the location of the dolls on a map, would be an interesting and exciting way for them to learn about my work.

I bought an ordnance survey map which covers the areas of Burnley, Blackburn, and the surrounding. From viewing the map, I am also able to find which areas are more urban and dense. By placing the dolls in a more urban area, I am increasing the chance of someone finding the doll and communicating a response with me.

Originally I was planning on only placing the dolls within Blackburn. Since purchasing the map, I feel it will be a more varied response, and more interesting variation if I place the dolls in further locations and other towns.


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