Matthew Sawyer


Matthew Sawyer’s art intrigues me, and adopts a similar nature to which I wish to carry out. Many of his projects are ‘documentary’ works, meaning that they are carried out over a period of time. Many of his document works effect the public, as they interfere and interact with them, with the public having no control over it. Some of Sawyers documentaries are unknown to the people around him, and are for the satisfaction of his own needs.

I decided to e-mail Sawyer, as I feel that the motives of his work are similar to some of mine. I wish to find out what he was doing when he was my age, as when I research an influential artist, I am always intrigued as to where they began.


Each of Sawyers projects are works which will in some way interfere with someones life, and make a mark on their memory – due to the surreal nature of it. I also wish to create a similar experience, though with my project I am interested in the reactions and after math of my project and installation, where as Sawyer records his project, and shows no interest in what affect it makes.

Sawyer replied to my e-mail:

email replu

Receiving the e-mail was very motivational, and made me want to push the boundaries of my work.


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