Placing doll’s outdoors

With placing the doll’s outside, my intention was to create an interactive audience, which would then take part in the project, by moving the dolls and sending pictures to me of them in their new destination. In order to do so, I figured that it would be best to leave each doll with a note for the person who found the doll to read. I wanted to make the instruction concise, so that the viewer was more likely to read the whole thing. I wrot the following in each of the folded notes:

‘Move me somewhere else and take a picture of me in my new destination. Tag the image to: @vividiurbanart on Twitter or Instagram.’


‘Take me somewhere dull, to make it colourful. Send a picture of me in my new destination to @vividiurbanart on Twitter or Instagram’ 

I decided to use first person, concerning the dolls, on the pieces of paper, in order to create a more surreal atmosphere and to engage the audience further with the personification of the dolls.


As I have an ongoing theme of bright colour, I decided to cut small rectangles of paper, and spray paint them with the same paints which I had used to spray the dolls. I would then be able to contrast and correspond with the dolls, extending the theme of block colour.

I cut the pieces of paper into small rectangles, to be attached to the dolls, which would make it look like the dolls were carrying small books.  By doing this, I am adding to the personification of the dolls, and making the pieces seem more surreal.

Once I had painted and folded the pieces of paper, I wrote the messages of the inside of them. Given that the weather in Blackburn is often very wet, and I plan on leaving the dolls in outdoor destinations around Blackburn, I decided to buy some adhesive roll (book film) to coat the pieces of paper with a waterproof layer.Once I had completes this, I punched a hole in the corner of the folded mini booklet.

I then collected some colourful threads which could be use to tie the note around the neck of the doll.


Each note took approximately five minutes to complete entirely.

After completing two of the notes, and attaching them to two of the dolls, I decided to take them outside and ‘plant’ them.



I placed the dolls in areas which I felt looked dirty and unpleasant, in order to brighten it up.

I waited over the weekend to wait and see if I was to hear any responses. I have not yet heard responses from either of the placing of the dolls. Though this was not a major problem, as I have the images of the dolls as they are in situ, I feel that creating an interactive body of work with responses and movements would be much more interesting and exciting.

I decided to speak to Jo about the problem. We decided that only using Instagram and Twitter as the sites to which the finder of the doll was able to respond, was limiting the project and the likelihood of the ‘finder’ responding. I therefore decided that I will create a new e-mail address which I can also attach to the dolls, in order to gage a response from the audiences.


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