Creating a body of work


Jeppe Hein’s project massively influenced me to come up with an idea which I feel is more interactive and exciting, similar to his ‘Please Touch The Art Work Project’.

I come up with the idea of leaving multi-coloured pot dolls around the centre of town (as I have had many pot dolls donated to me). The body of work will all be connected and people who see the dolls will be invoked to create conversation. I plan on leaving a note with the doll, in order to encourage the public or the person who finds the doll to place it in another place and take a picture of it there, which they can then send to me, so that I am able to record the movement and activity of the doll. By doing this I will hopefully gain an insight into the activity of other people within the town.

Social Media has become a massive part of our lives in the 21st century with:

  • Around 14 million Monthly Active users for the UK on Instagram, with 39% of its UK users being aged 16-24.
  • A figure of 12.4 million in the UK active on Twitter.
  • Around 30 million people in the UK active on Facebook.

After researching these statistics I am assured that Social Media is a brilliant platform to interactively discuss and share my art work – creating an exciting project which regulates unique and random discussion.


The process of undressing, spray painting the doll, spray painting the clothing and then redressing the doll is extremely simple and quick. I was able to complete the above 5 dolls in a time period of five hours.



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