Project review and self assessment

From the beginning of FMP I have desired to create work outdoors. After looking at the NY Times ‘getting the art out on the street article’ I felt I understood the importance of engaging with viewers outside of the gallery.

Originally, I planned on transforming large depressing sites within Blackburn. Now my plan has changed. My ideas are now more focused on engaging with the viewer by creating unexpected moments of excitement and curiosity – similar to Steve Wheen with his pot hole gardening. I was also initially planning on carrying on with my weave project (from Unit 5), where as now I wish to carry on with objects which are recognisable to people as being a household item – though still bringing through the theme of vibrant colours.

Recently, I was given a box full of pot dolls by a family member. At first I thought that I would have no use for them, but them I thought of the potential juxtapositions which could be creates. So far I have experimented with placing and building many objects outdoors such as:

  • Plastic cubes
  • Plastacine
  • Banana skin
  • A telephone
  • A painted brick
  • Colourful pourings of plaster
  • Minimalistic graffitti
  • Painted rope weaves
  • Ready made brightly coloured plaster casts

Placing the telephone on the wall created the more comical imagery.


Placing an item which we would usually consider as in indoor item outdoors creates a juxtaposition, which I then exaggerated with the bright garish colours. Adam Batholl’s USB stick in the wall (below) inspired me to experiment with materials such as the phone as it a humourous and surreal installation. IMG_8495

After feeling success with the imagery which placing the telephone has created, I have decided that I will use the dolls to create a body of juxtaposing outdoor work. All of the dolls are of traditional pot doll dress, and look really dates and Victorian. I plan on using the vibrant colour schemes which I have previously been addressing within my project to decorate the dolls and make them more contemporary and strange.

Within my project I still wish to create interactivity and involvement from the public, as I wish it is  something which I have succeeded in so far. It makes the project more exciting and narrates a movement of the project. As I plan on leaving the pot dolls outdoors, I will attach notes to them which encourages the finder to move the doll, and respond to me via social media with an image of where the dolls new destination is.


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