Wild Art by David Carrier and Joachim Pissarro

‘Wild Art’ displays pieces of work which challenge the readers perception of what is and what isn’t ‘art’. This direction of art is one which I greatly appreciate. Many of my projects avoid the detail of what was once considered as art, and instead place importance on public interaction and emotion. 

One of the pieces which was classed as a questionable piece of art was James May’s full size lego home. When considering my own project, it is definitely a piece of art. If I was able to afford to create such a piece, I definitely would – for my art project. Using Lego to build a house again raises the question of why we live in such a predominantly dull, colourless country. 13016486_10154306153439893_1840870586_o

Anti-Communist street artists painted over a monument commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Soviet “liberation” (i.e. a Communist coup d’état) of Bulgaria in 1944. By adding this graffiti to the meaningful sculpture the artists are creating controversy. With my project I do not yet plan to exploit any issues, as I have not yet found an issue which I feel passionate about, enough to exploit.



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