Max Shuster Photography



Shuster creates bizarre and often frustrating objects, in order to create surreal crisp images. “The new constructions evolve into absurd examples of both the mischievous and grotesque but also incorporating a link to the familiar.” I wish to echo similar qualities with my work – as I wish for it to make the viewer feel curious and confused.

I chose to look at the work of Max Shuster as he so successfully documents his pieces though photography. As much of my work is done outdoors, I feel I will need to know of a way to represent my work effectively through photography. Many of Shusters backgrounds are plain, which is effective for the emphasis on the absurdity of the object. Mine will me of outdoor terrain and materials – though I plan on keeping the background neutral and monotone, so that the colours of my objects stand clear of the background and grasp the attention of the viewer.


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