A Lesson in Sculpture with John Latham Exhibition


Seeing the John Latham exhibition influenced me to want to use recognisable household objects out of their context. Latham creates obscure sculptures, within this exhibition mainly made up of book – similar to the style of Max Shuster though of a much more organised and sculptural style.

In my opinion some of Lathams piece’s seem unfinished and as though they have been created in a state of anger, though still create aesthetic beauty. My favourite piece at the exhibition  was the one which depicted a row of floating books between two panes of glass. The books are elavated around 20ft above ground, forcing the viewer to look up and view the sculpture from a below perspective. I am familiar of this angle, as whilst on the Camden Street Art tour, the lady doing the talk suggested that a piece of advice often offered to graffiti artists is to place the piece high above ground level, so that the authorities are less likely to put the effort into removing it.


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