‘Planting’ in Blackburn 7/04/2016


Some have my family members have recently been having a clear out, as they are moving house. For me this is an opportunity to snatch up some un-wanted household items, which I may use in my artwork. As they are items which would usually be associated with an indoor setting, I am hence creating a juxtaposition by placing them outdoors.

Using bright garish colours also adds a juxtaposition, as many of the items are dated and hole a dull tone.

I was given a telephone, which I felt would be humorous to place on the outdoor of a run down building, in the centre of Blackburn. Many people passed, and laughed as I placed the phone on the wall. I left it there.

Looking back at the experiment, I wish I’d have stayed and hidden in order to record/gage peoples reactions – though I was in a rush at the time. I left my Twitter/Instagram user name on the telephone, to attempt to gage an interactive audience and encourage them to give me feedback.

I was given some pot dolls – all which looked traditional. I chose to spray this one bright contrasting colours to place in an outdoor space. Many people commented that the doll us unnerving, and looked scary – a new take on my project.


Leaving the doll in this area created added effect, as it is such a dull angry looking area. I street which this spot is on is quite busy with people coming and going to the bus station.

The idea of creating a series of the planted dolls is one which I am considering for FMP – as I was donated many of them, and believe that they will create an interesting body of work.


I was inspired by the works of Enrico Becker to used a discarded banana skin to create a juxtaposition in the town centre. Becker paints different fruits, arranging them in beautiful compositions. Seeing the fruits painted a colour which they would not usually adopt is strangely pleasing to the eye.

I felt that placing these objects in the outdoors would confuse people, and grab their attention.

Once I had placed the banana skin on the floor I stepped back and observed people passing. Many people had to double take and few giggled. Creating this unexpected moment of happiness and confusion within the public is what I aim to do with my project – and I therefore feel that this idea is a fun one to work with.


I didn’t paint the brick as vibrant as I’d have hoped, though it still stood out on the pale background.

The use of the brick raises the question of why all bricks can’t be as exciting, though I feel that it creates less of a juxtaposition and excitement that other objects which people may associate with household indoor items – of even items which are considered as litter, as they create more of a humourous respose. I have therefore decided not to use bricks again within my FMP.


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