‘Getting the Art Out on the Streets’ Article


‘Public art is changing fast. The challenge for today’s private patrons is to finance works that make people feel they are walking around a world-class museum, rather than an enormous commercial art fair.’

‘Vroom Vroom’ by Lorenzo Quinn

‘Slip Stream’ by Richard Wilson

The article emphasises on how funding for public art is becoming less accessible. Personally I believe that public art is important as it attracts tourists, and makes cities seem more real and alive. Currently, I try to keep spending to a minimal – and therefore do no yet seek funding. When you are creating large sculptural pieces such as the above to examples, funding is important and necassary. My current aim with my project is to add small details of colour to dull lifeless settings which offer a glimmer of unexpected happiness and surprise. In the future I may proceed to creating larger, more impacting sculprures.

Creating art work outside of galleries is very significant as it accesses a larger audience, and communicates to people who may not step foot in a gallery, helping to gain a larger appreciation for art.





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