Enrico Becker

enrico-becker-genetically-modified-fruits-designboom-01enrico-becker-genetically-modified-fruits-designboom-02enrico-becker-genetically-modified-fruits-designboom-03enrico-becker-genetically-modified-fruits-designboom-04enrico-becker-genetically-modified-fruits-designboom-07Enrico Becker created this collection when exploring the possibilities of genetically modified foods. He took a humorous approach to the project, and almost glamorized the idea of a process which many people may fear. I thought that taking a natural subject and painting it an obscure colour was an fun approaach. Using objects which viewers are familiar with as every day objects may trigger a greater response.

In order to experiment with ways in which a viewer would react to this I decided to create a similar piece.


I decided to spray paint the banana orange and leave it next to the oranges, and waited to see how my mum reacted. When she come home and saw the banana she burst out into laughter. She said that seeing something so familiar and normal look so bizarre was funny. If I was to create art installments with a similar response from the audience I would feel as though my pieces would have been a success.

I plan on experimenting with placing items as such outdoor, and gaging the publics reactions.


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