London is Changing


When visiting Chelsea College of Art for my interview, it was suggested to the group that we take a look at the UAL ‘Design for Social Agency’ newspaper which collated work created by current students and professors at the colleges.

This particular article interested me, as the project is discussing the change which London is currently going through. The ‘change’ which is addressed in this project addresses what they class as being a current ‘crisis’. As the population of London increases, the housing costs increase, due to competition. Working and middle class Londoners are hence suffering, if they don’t own homes already.

Rebecca Ross, founder of the project, designed the ideas to facilitate higher regulation of conversation concerning the housing crisis, by exploiting comments made by people effected.

Ross created a web form, aimed at people who had recently, or were planning on relocating from, to, or around London – asking them to respond to a questionnaire. Extracts of answers submitted on this questionnaire were then displayed on digital billboards around London.

Ross’ project was aimed at creating discussion between people. With my project, I aim to create a similar idea within Blackburn. Seeing the text used by Ross makes me contemplate exploring ideas including text, maybe quoted by Blackburn local’s or locals of my own town. I am interested in public reactions and opinions, with my use of installing bright colour into dull atmospheres – I was hoping to create a burst of energy/positivity, despite the input only being small. I was also hoping that my installations would regulate conversation and laughter among the local community, as I feel that having a less serious and more uplifting issue to discuss can often be a breath of fresh air.

I will explore this concept further.




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