John Breed

When brainstorming I come up with the idea of placing random objects around the town, to see how people react to them. Will they take them? Destroy them? Or simply ignore them.

Seeing John Breed’s work give me the idea of how I could colour these objects. My wrapping objects such as skulls and other bones with brightly coloured  tights, Breed is creating a juxtaposition – as objects which are usually associated with death and negativity, where as the colours connote happiness and energy.

Seeing this piece make me come up with the idea of placing brightly coloured shoes around the town and using photography to record them, representing my journey around Blackburn, and how it is to be in a new town, whilst adding colour to dull areas.

Matthew Sawyers attitude towards art is what influenced me to experiment with placing objects in the urban setting for people to react.

Breed’s series of brightly coloured notes is interesting as he uses objects which people come across on a daily basis and can associate with. Filtering real colourful notes back into the system would be an exciting idea, as they would land back in the hands of the public and may brighten up someones day – which I wish to gain with my project.


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