As I have been working with Textiles, and have decided that I would like to work on a large scale – I decided to begin searching for large pieces of fabric which I could possibly use. I first started looking for materials which I can use.

After asking my uncle who works at a furniture company, I managed to collect some large pieces of fabrics which may come in handy.


I began to draw up some ideas which I thought I could use the fabrics for, keeping the idea of weaves in mind. A few weeks ago I come up with the idea of creating weaves in the spaces in the car park above the mall in Blackburn. This idea come to me, as every time I get off the bus at the bus station at Blackburn, I am faced with the huge dull building. It’s an eye sore, which welcomes people who travel to Blackburn on the bus – I feel that adding colour to the building will make it more welcoming and happy. IMG_0614IMG_0617


I’ve also been constantly looking for inspiration within my project. I found a bowl of marbles which I felt give a satisfying image, with a beautiful combination of colours, and a shiny finish.


I began searching for settings and combinations of colour around me within every day life which I felt were effective and exciting.IMG_0476IMG_0477



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