Critique 29/03/16

I presented my work and ideas to the class as a presentation, to gather responses and ideas from my peers. I collected post notes from each member of the group with their comments on, the comments were as follows:

  • “Love the idea, maybe start creating some experimental pieces in preparation for your final piece.”
  • “Great idea Ciara, I love your work! Bright colours and prints are the way forward! – (mark your canvas) #4000holes. P.S. Please stay safe in the process!”
  • “Could use dolls in abandoned powerplant, take a creepy approach. – Make a specific Twitter/Instagram for people to share the work, with your interest in public reactions.”
  • “Like the idea of brightening the dullness of derelict areas. Maybe scatter small pieces around again – then have a main piece.”
  • “Check out @villanaart on Instagram for artist research?”
  • “Have you considered moving the installation to different places to see if reactions vary?”
  • “Rather than filling in holes you could make one big weave and leave it in the middle of town or somewhere?”
  • “Look at how derelict buildings are perceived as being scary so try and figure out how to make them seem more welcoming? Look at weaving dream catchers but making them more contextual.”
  • “I like the public aspect of your idea, it could be interesting seeing peoples reactions.”

A very interesting suggestion which I wish to explore the potential of is to use the dolls. I also like the idea of moving the installations to different places in order to see if the reactions vary.



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