Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

With my project focusing on outdoor installation and art work, I decided to take a visit to Yorksire Sculpture Park. Doing so allowed me to look at the project idea from another angle, as now – instead of the sculptures juxtaposing with the urban setting, they are dominating rural landscapes, and standing tall in still green space.


The scale of the sculptures which were placed outdoors at the sculpture park was particularly impressive, with the largest one standing 10 meters tall. KAWS’ sculptures are made in contrast to traditional sculptures which tend to display on public spaces – which often depict and celebrate the ‘winners’ in life: kings, presidents and heroes. KAWS’ sculptures stand in real-life poses, and often appear to be upset/vulnerable. IMG_0625IMG_0626IMG_0627IMG_0629IMG_0633IMG_0634IMG_0635

Five new paintings are shown in the gallery (Survival Machine). The paintings were constructed with Acrylic paint, with KAWS adopting a perfect almost graphic style.The paintings create a energetic splash of colour against the white walls, similar to the effect which I wish to create with my final piece.


The exhibition was exciting, with a great use of colour and scale, as he has pushed the boundaries. KAWS’ responds to modern day culture and popular imagery and media that surrounds us, with a distinct contemporary style.

KAWS exhibition has influences me to explore ideas which may adopt a larger scale, as I feel that it worked so effectively at his exhibition.


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