Institute of Contemporary Arts – Betty Woodman Exhibition


I found that the use of colour and composition within Woodman’s work was very experimental and interesting. This aspect of her work was influential to me.

The washed down tone and feel to the pieces made them seem drained and as though they’d only had one of two coats of paint. The pieces were resembling abstract art, in that they made little sense or recognition.

Woodman’s aim is to create decorative design. In my opinion the pieces all seemed repetitive and lacked individuality. If the pieces  were to be places in an outdoor environment, the juxtaposition may boost the piece, and change my perception.

Her work alludes to and blends numerous sources, including Minoan and Egyptian art, Greek and Etruscan sculpture, Tang Dynasty works, majolica and Sèvres porcelain, Italian Baroque architecture, and the paintings of Bonnard, Picasso and Matisse.


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