Damien Hirst


After seeing some of Hirst’s work in a magazine, and having only minimal knowledge of him, I decided to look further into his work. Hirst uses a variety of practice, including installation, sculpture, painting and drawing to explore the complex relationship between art, life and death. The diversity and variety of his practice and works is something which I find very inspiring. Many of his pieces are quite surreal, and are definitely very thought provoking.

Hirst explains his view on art as: “Art’s about life and it can’t really be about anything else … there isn’t anything else.” Which to me basically says that you can make art about/concerning anything – which explains why his work is so varied.

Hirst’s theory gives me confidence to search for concept and context anywhere.

The above two pieces are part of a collection of Hirst’s which are inspired by fun fair visits. Aside from the beautiful bold colour schemes, what particularly interested me about this collection of works, and in particular the image on the right hand side, is the unnerving juxtaposition created within the composition. Creating such a juxtaposition creates a striking and addressing display.

Hirst also created a series of canvas’ which consisted of a variety of colourful dots. Hirst quoted : “To create that structure, to do those colours, and do nothing. I suddenly got what I wanted. It was just a way of pinning down the joy of colour.” – Again adding to my idea of colour creating joy and energy.



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