Project Proposal 2nd Draft

Candidate Number 82106


Visual Communications
Project Title Urban Juxtapositions
Section 1: Review (Approx 150 words)
The landscape of Blackburn is at times bleak, the town centre has empty shops, boarded windows and derelict buildings on all sides of the campus. Within my previous units of work, I decided to fill ‘holes’ across the town, referencing The Beatles song, ‘A Day in The Life’ (4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire) – which also provides a context that is immediately recognisable and is actually valued in the local community. The proposition of these brightly coloured weaves representing a direct intervention into the architecture was developed after a research visit to Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, a Victorian response to the poverty of the town during the industrial revolution. Blackburn was a cotton town and by constructing weaves of bright colour, I intend to create a juxtaposition of colour and tradition against a derelict, redundant environment.


The university courses that I have applied for are two Spatial Design courses and 3 Fine Art course, as my specialism is working with installation/sculpture, and creating pieces which may work interactively with the public, in outdoor environments.

Section 2: Project Concept (approx 250 words)
There is a broad range of influence to this work, it is informed by the local history, the pop culture references unique to the town, and also the proposition that the use of bold primary colour creates.  Jan Vormann also inspired this work, with reference to the concept and question “why are we brought up playing with bright shiny toys, but live in dull grey cities?”


For my FMP I wish to extend this project and expand on the concept and theme, continuing to experiment with bright engaging colours and collecting responses from the viewers. An aspect of my work which I feel really boosted my project was creating the hashtag, as it allowed for me to view the opinions of the views and understand whether my intentions were met. My intentions were to create a more positive and energetic environment by installing glimpses of colour and vibrancy, which many people may associate with childhood colour schemes and joy.


Many of my weaves have been of a small scale. The larger weave was the one which regulated the most conversation and speculation. I feel that larger scale outdoor installations are much more attractive and engaging. For my FMP I wish to created larger scale outdoor installations, continuing to respond to the dull environment within Blackburn and creating juxtaposition with the bright colour. With my aim being to transform depressing neglected sites within Blackburn into more exciting sites, I feel that the scale needs to be larger.


Section 3: Evaluation (approx 100 words)
Visiting Blackburn Museum also gave me an insight into the culture the South Asian population of Blackburn, and displayed many of the fabrics which they use for clothing etc. I wish to look at this for inspiration of colour and pattern, with the intent of celebrating Blackburn’s cultural diversity.

In order to evaluate my project throughout, I will constantly analyse my progression and research on my blog, reflecting on my practice and proposing ways in which I can improve it.

As I am interested in how people interact with my work and their responses to it, I have decided to create a hashtag which people can then link and comment about my work. With public interactions being one of my main interests I also plan on possibly creating a survey for members of the public to fill out, so that I am directly responding to their needs and what they would enjoy to see.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
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