Pitch Tutorial with Jo

During the pitch me and Jo come up with a few ideas which I felt may be worth researching, in order to carry out and gain extra ideas for my project.


The article above highlighted to me how much the economy of Blackburn, and my hometown Burnley are struggling. This hence has led to uninhabited buildings, and neglected spaces.

Images of boarded up buildings are on display on this article as a front face of the ‘struggle’. My idea was to attempt to communicate with people who own and are demolishing these buildings, in order to transform them into more aesthetically pleasing and colourful buildings.

Another contextual issue which arose, which we thought may be a good scope to study for my project was within an article was concerning the doors of asylum seekers. They had claimed that the colour of their doors was almost a code which led to them becoming targets of abuse from racists and vandals.


Me and Jo talked about different ways in which I could use the Urban setting as a ‘canvas’. I feel that continuing with the exploration of derelict and neglected buildings is a good suggestion, as bright energetic colours against the boarded up buildings creates a striking juxtaposition.

In order to do this, I plan on attempting to gain permission from the owners of buildings which I may wish to  add colour too. I plan on experimenting with different ways to add colour to these sites, whether that be with textile (weaves) as I have previously used, or paints, or with installing sculptures/objects.

We decided that if I was not able to gain permission, that I could possibly recreate and up do the designated settings digitally, or even recreate them with sculpture.


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