The Curious Project


Whilst on the street art tour in Camden I saw this sign. It did make me curious, and I therefore decided to research why it was there.

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The concept of this project is very interesting, as the creators and recorders are getting to know people all around the world – and sharing tiny snipets of their secret life, or just pieces of paper labelling something within a wider audience. The British public, myself included, tend to be quite nosey and like to know a lot about each other – so this project will appeal to the British audience.

I began forming ideas of how I could record peoples thoughts and ideas around Blackburn and Burnley to maybe use as part of a project.


London is Changing


When visiting Chelsea College of Art for my interview, it was suggested to the group that we take a look at the UAL ‘Design for Social Agency’ newspaper which collated work created by current students and professors at the colleges.

This particular article interested me, as the project is discussing the change which London is currently going through. The ‘change’ which is addressed in this project addresses what they class as being a current ‘crisis’. As the population of London increases, the housing costs increase, due to competition. Working and middle class Londoners are hence suffering, if they don’t own homes already.

Rebecca Ross, founder of the project, designed the ideas to facilitate higher regulation of conversation concerning the housing crisis, by exploiting comments made by people effected.

Ross created a web form, aimed at people who had recently, or were planning on relocating from, to, or around London – asking them to respond to a questionnaire. Extracts of answers submitted on this questionnaire were then displayed on digital billboards around London.

Ross’ project was aimed at creating discussion between people. With my project, I aim to create a similar idea within Blackburn. Seeing the text used by Ross makes me contemplate exploring ideas including text, maybe quoted by Blackburn local’s or locals of my own town. I am interested in public reactions and opinions, with my use of installing bright colour into dull atmospheres – I was hoping to create a burst of energy/positivity, despite the input only being small. I was also hoping that my installations would regulate conversation and laughter among the local community, as I feel that having a less serious and more uplifting issue to discuss can often be a breath of fresh air.

I will explore this concept further.



Critique 29/03/16

I presented my work and ideas to the class as a presentation, to gather responses and ideas from my peers. I collected post notes from each member of the group with their comments on, the comments were as follows:

  • “Love the idea, maybe start creating some experimental pieces in preparation for your final piece.”
  • “Great idea Ciara, I love your work! Bright colours and prints are the way forward! – (mark your canvas) #4000holes. P.S. Please stay safe in the process!”
  • “Could use dolls in abandoned powerplant, take a creepy approach. – Make a specific Twitter/Instagram for people to share the work, with your interest in public reactions.”
  • “Like the idea of brightening the dullness of derelict areas. Maybe scatter small pieces around again – then have a main piece.”
  • “Check out @villanaart on Instagram for artist research?”
  • “Have you considered moving the installation to different places to see if reactions vary?”
  • “Rather than filling in holes you could make one big weave and leave it in the middle of town or somewhere?”
  • “Look at how derelict buildings are perceived as being scary so try and figure out how to make them seem more welcoming? Look at weaving dream catchers but making them more contextual.”
  • “I like the public aspect of your idea, it could be interesting seeing peoples reactions.”

A very interesting suggestion which I wish to explore the potential of is to use the dolls. I also like the idea of moving the installations to different places in order to see if the reactions vary.


John Breed

When brainstorming I come up with the idea of placing random objects around the town, to see how people react to them. Will they take them? Destroy them? Or simply ignore them.

Seeing John Breed’s work give me the idea of how I could colour these objects. My wrapping objects such as skulls and other bones with brightly coloured  tights, Breed is creating a juxtaposition – as objects which are usually associated with death and negativity, where as the colours connote happiness and energy.

Seeing this piece make me come up with the idea of placing brightly coloured shoes around the town and using photography to record them, representing my journey around Blackburn, and how it is to be in a new town, whilst adding colour to dull areas.

Matthew Sawyers attitude towards art is what influenced me to experiment with placing objects in the urban setting for people to react.

Breed’s series of brightly coloured notes is interesting as he uses objects which people come across on a daily basis and can associate with. Filtering real colourful notes back into the system would be an exciting idea, as they would land back in the hands of the public and may brighten up someones day – which I wish to gain with my project.


As I have been working with Textiles, and have decided that I would like to work on a large scale – I decided to begin searching for large pieces of fabric which I could possibly use. I first started looking for materials which I can use.

After asking my uncle who works at a furniture company, I managed to collect some large pieces of fabrics which may come in handy.


I began to draw up some ideas which I thought I could use the fabrics for, keeping the idea of weaves in mind. A few weeks ago I come up with the idea of creating weaves in the spaces in the car park above the mall in Blackburn. This idea come to me, as every time I get off the bus at the bus station at Blackburn, I am faced with the huge dull building. It’s an eye sore, which welcomes people who travel to Blackburn on the bus – I feel that adding colour to the building will make it more welcoming and happy. IMG_0614IMG_0617


I’ve also been constantly looking for inspiration within my project. I found a bowl of marbles which I felt give a satisfying image, with a beautiful combination of colours, and a shiny finish.


I began searching for settings and combinations of colour around me within every day life which I felt were effective and exciting.IMG_0476IMG_0477


Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

With my project focusing on outdoor installation and art work, I decided to take a visit to Yorksire Sculpture Park. Doing so allowed me to look at the project idea from another angle, as now – instead of the sculptures juxtaposing with the urban setting, they are dominating rural landscapes, and standing tall in still green space.


The scale of the sculptures which were placed outdoors at the sculpture park was particularly impressive, with the largest one standing 10 meters tall. KAWS’ sculptures are made in contrast to traditional sculptures which tend to display on public spaces – which often depict and celebrate the ‘winners’ in life: kings, presidents and heroes. KAWS’ sculptures stand in real-life poses, and often appear to be upset/vulnerable. IMG_0625IMG_0626IMG_0627IMG_0629IMG_0633IMG_0634IMG_0635

Five new paintings are shown in the gallery (Survival Machine). The paintings were constructed with Acrylic paint, with KAWS adopting a perfect almost graphic style.The paintings create a energetic splash of colour against the white walls, similar to the effect which I wish to create with my final piece.


The exhibition was exciting, with a great use of colour and scale, as he has pushed the boundaries. KAWS’ responds to modern day culture and popular imagery and media that surrounds us, with a distinct contemporary style.

KAWS exhibition has influences me to explore ideas which may adopt a larger scale, as I feel that it worked so effectively at his exhibition.

E-Mailing Blackburn Council


As I had previously worked on a derelict building, and the uplift that come with the brightness of my installation seemed to receive good feedback, I decided to e-mail Blackburn council asking if they had any buildings which were due to be demolished.

Adding colour, and making dull lifeless buildings look more exciting, transforming them into a piece of art is rewarding, and feels like I am paying a good deed towards the town.

I wasn’t very hopeful about a reply, as I am aware that gaining permission to work outdoors legally can often be quite difficult. A short while later I received the following reply:


The reply seemed quite hopeful, as he disclosed two locations which were due to be closed down.

I replied with the following: